“The imagination is a force that can manifest a new reality” – James Cameron

My organisational and leadership coaching philosophy is built on two core principles; 

  1. Cultural success is built on a foundation of trust
  2. Human imagination & creativity is an organisations greatest asset 

I offer Leadership an honest and open space so these two factors can be explored and allowed to develop.

The modern world requires a new type of leadership. Leadership that is fit for the emerging future.

No organisation can evolve beyond the will of its Leadership so this is our starting point. Before any work can begin with wider teams, it is essential that this truth is fully understood. Only then can Founders and Leaders begin to create the space required for potential to flourish. 

Leadership can be a lonely place. It takes courage. I offer a space where Leaders can freely express themselves. This is a uniquely human space where thoughts can be explored with clarity. This freedom of expression is the start of the process to unlock both leadership and organisational potential.  

Leaders do not hold all the answers. They are merely a part of a wider complex system. The new Leadership required requires an acceptance of this narrative. An understanding of their own Human limitations in order to reveal the potential of a whole organisation.  

Engaging with me provides an exciting opportunity for leadership from all walks of life to discover the courage to choose a new way to move forward on the path of unlimited potential. 

How & Where

I coach via Skype as well as face to face in London, Brighton and surrounding areas. My clients come from all walks of life and are looking for solutions to a wide variety of leadership challenges. I primarily work with SME’s, Start-ups and mini enterprises and am drawn to those wishing to create ethical intent into their operations. 

Our coaching relationship will develop organically. Sessions will be tailored to suit leadership and organisational needs.

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Essentials for Success

  • We fit – the quality of coaching relationship defines success.
  • You accept that you are a unique & creative individual.
  • Sessions are tailor made, intuitive and collaborative.
  • We explore your worldview.
  • Sessions have positive intent.

I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation and subsequently, an extended discovery session.

During our sessions we will explore your history, perceptions and narrative. In addition, I will answer any questions you have regarding my coaching style, what a typical session looks like and any other aspect of coaching that requires clarity.

When we decide to work together, I will ensure that the programme is tailored to meet your individual and specific needs.

In conclusion, the work we will do together will be an intuitive, collaborative, creative and person-centred coaching experience.