“Experience is not what happens to a man but what a man does with what happens to him” – Aldous Huxley


Imagination and the power of creativity has amazed me since childhood. My journey continues to give me the tools I need to work with freedom and purpose.

I am grateful for the gift of imagination. Furthermore, it has guided me to work as an Artist for 25 years.  In recent years I have focused more on my work as a tutor and coach. 

My purpose is serving others through coaching and therapy, especially through the healing powers of imagination and creativity. This has led me to attain a diploma in Transformative Coaching from Animas. Following this, I have gone on to  study a diploma in person-centred therapy in N.L.P and Hypnotherapy with Salus Academy.

My work now revolves around the structure of imagination and creativity as healing tools that work alongside my own curiosity and intuition. Guiding clients to find solutions in all areas of their lives continues to fulfil me.




imagination in coaching


imagination and inspiration



My coaching practice uses creativity and imagination as a central focus. By using this framework I am able to work with you on a wide variety of challenges. I mix creativity and coaching techniques to aid the thinking necessary for finding solutions that stick. Ultimately, the purpose is to guide you to the path of your untapped potential.

As well as working with individuals,  I also work with groups to unlock the power of shared creativity.

Recently, I have joined up with like minded people and formed a new business, UP. We release unlimited potential to create extraordinary workplaces.

Our service is formed of workshops, training and coaching focused on supporting your organisation develop a positive and unified culture. The personal connections and positive relationships we’ll form enable trust to grow. In our experience, once trust exists, many more options become available.  

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