Release unlimited potential, create extraordinary workplaces


Positive workplace culture improves togetherness, well being and ultimately, productivity. Many organisations have a workplace culture that blocks collaboration and the potential that is trapped in the workforce. UP is designed to release this potential to create extraordinary workplaces.

UP is an organisation set up by 4 like minded people with a shared vision and purpose.

We work with organisations to develop a workplace culture of trust, equity and wholeness. This encourages creativity and innovation to thrive. .

We believe that through developing the well being across an organisation, productivity will inevitably increase. 




We connect, collaborate and create with Founders, Owners, CEO’s, Directors and Managers across a broad range of sectors. We work with stakeholders to prepare a roll out engagement program designed to develop and improve all areas of workplace culture

Our services include workshops, training, consultancy and coaching as well as the education sector. Here we hope to inspire the students of today to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

For more information please either connect with me directly or email

You can also read and listen to our upcoming blogs and podcast ‘Chatting UP’ about how our own culture has developed and what processes we have been through to operate through our values.

We are also compiling a new book written in real time, around our experiences of developing our business called ‘Growing UP’ – more details to follow. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon.